What School Board Members Need To Know About Liability

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What School Board Members Need To Know About Liability

Protecting your board members from certain claims can be key to running a successful school district. Naturally, there are going to come times when you need to think about how your insurance coverage can reduce the odds of a damaging allegation or complicated legal battles. To achieve this, you must first identify the biggest risks that school board members face due to the nature of their positions. Consider these hazards and build a plan of action around the threats most likely to occur.

The Biggest Threats

The main school board liability risks center on how the board is impacting the community as a whole, with a strong emphasis on the students in their care. One example of this is the claim that the board has failed to provide proper education to students. When parents, guardians, or even other community members come forth with these allegations, it can lead to severe consequences. By having proper insurance in place, you can mitigate the damage and ensure that the board does not go under from the claims. Other common hazards include: 

  • Loss of accreditation 
  • Failure to respond to harassment 
  • Lack of supervision

The Plan of Action

There are plenty of struggles that school board members face on a routine basis. By thinking ahead on these risks, you can find an insurance plan that adequately suits your needs and provides peace of mind to everyone involved.