What Is Commercial Laundry Insurance?

Commercial Laundry Insurance

What Is Commercial Laundry Insurance?

Increased travel and hospitality-related businesses use a lot of linens. Tablecloths, sheets, bedding, and towels pile up quickly even at small establishments. Those all need to be laundered. Research into the laundry industry shows a progression toward more ecologically minded practices and increased efficiency. Commercial laundry insurance plays an important part in minimizing risks and reducing liability associated with operating machinery and keeping fabric goods clean and sanitary. 

Why Use Commerical Laundry Insurance?

You operate a business in a highly specialized industry where equipment is getting more and more expensive. The right insurance policy will protect you from losses associated with that equipment. It can also protect against other laundry specific challenges like water backup or damages to client goods. 

What Coverages Are Available?

Commercial laundry insurance offers specialized coverage for the unique demands of laundry and dry cleaning businesses. There are several types of coverage available and which ones you need will depend on the type of laundry operation you run. Some of the most common choices include:

  • General liability
  • Coverage for customer goods
  • Pollution cleanup
  • Employee practices liability
  • Property damage
  • Water backup
  • Loss of use of equipment

While people have been paying others to do their laundry in bulk for centuries, the industry as a whole has changed dramatically in the recent past. A knowledgeable agent that specialized in commercial laundry operations will know what type of coverages are best suited for your business, and which ones you can do without.