What Counts as Temp Work?

What Counts as Temp Work?

Modern work in the US is vastly different from what it was ten years ago. Workers today are often gig workers and temp workers, far removed from the security of a salaried job. Here are some professions that can be considered part of the temp economy.

Food Delivery Workers

People who deliver food through delivery apps are classified as gig workers, which are similar to temp workers. Workers are free to choose when they work rather than be assigned a set schedule. They are working as independent contractors, not employees.

Peer-to-Peer Taxi Drivers

Similar to workers in the food deliver app field, peer-to-peer taxi drivers work according to their chosen schedule, with no need to wait around for a manager to issue the schedule or control one’s time. On teh other hand, no boss is paying into workers compensation or social security.

Independent Contractors

Independent contractors can be considered temp workers because they only work for a specific amount of time; specifically, until the job is done. Some examples of independent contractors include

  • Dancers
  • Makeup artists
  • Florists
  • Lawyers
  • Dentists
  • Veterinarians

The temp economy is growing as full-time salaried employment disappears. The benefits of these jobs include scheduling flexibility and being your own boss, as it were. But these jobs also lack in security and company-assisted tax payments.