Understanding PWC Insurance Options

Renting out personal watercraft can be a great way for a maritime business to add to its income. Of course, with this decision comes a lot of responsibility. Should one of your renters get involved in an accident, your business could be in a very difficult financial and legal position. Thankfully, it is easy to prepare for such scenarios with the right insurance. Taking out proper coverage can help your business stay protected no matter what the future might bring.

PWC Basics

When it comes to taking out personal watercraft rental business coverage, you want to make sure you consider both your business and your customers. You will need a policy that protects your assets, such as the PWC itself, as well as anyone who is renting from your business. Should an accident occur, everyone involved will be covered by the various policies you have taken out. Be sure to focus on details like hull coverage, which covers watercraft in the event it takes on physical damage. Other areas to consider include:

  • Protection against bodily injury
  • Options in the event of property damage
  • Insurance for slip-and-fall situations

Cover All Your Bases

While renting personal watercraft to clients can be profitable, you must always take time to consider how to best protect your business from potential problems down the line. Review your options with PWC insurance and put together a policy you can feel confident in.