The Most Common Cleaning Industry Hazards You Need To Know

Cleaning Industry Hazards

The Most Common Cleaning Industry Hazards You Need To Know

Commercial cleaning companies perform one of the most valuable services out there. They remove hazards for the general public and keep buildings in better condition for years to come. If you own and operate a commercial cleaning company, you know that your work wouldn’t be possible without your employees. Unfortunately, your team faces many hazards while they’re working.

The Most Common Hazards Cleaning Crews Face

Every cleaning service, no matter how large or small the operation is, faces similar hazards on every site. These are a few of the most common cleaning industry hazards your team needs to watch out for:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Chemical exposure or burns
  • Biological risks like pathogens, bacteria and mold
  • Recurring feelings of stress and overwhelm

Each year, many commercial cleaning crews end up facing injuries related to these hazards.

You Need To Protect Your Team

The best way to protect your team from these hazards is to give them the training and tools they need to do their jobs well. Talk to your employees about their concerns and find out what they need from you to feel safe and comfortable on the job and make sure your insurance coverage is large enough to protect your company in the future.

Protecting your team from the most common hazards is the easiest way to keep them happy and upbeat. Watch for and avoid these hazards on each job site and your team will stay safe.