Never Go into Business Uninsured

It might be tempting to cut business costs to earn more profit, especially if youre just starting out, but if you choose that route, make certain your Florida small business insurance doesnt end up on the cutting room floor. Never believe anyone who tells you business insurance is a waste of money. It is one of the wisest investments you can make, especially in The Sunshine State. Insuring your business not only protects it, it protects you, and since youre a small business owner who likely has some of his or her personal finances tied up in your venture, maximum protection is crucial.

When you take out Florida small business insurance, you have the option to tailor your policy to your exact needs. This works well if your venture is something specialized, such as marina facilities or a liquor vendor. No matter what you do, you need to secure general and property liability insurance to protect your operations and your facilities. Keep in mind should someone slip and fall at your commercial property, he or she could come after your business and you. Other coverage includes protection against employee injury, manufacturing liability, contracts and/or leases and libel or slander. Speak with a qualified broker to discuss your business for an all-inclusive insurance package.

Why Club, Restaurant or Bar Owners Need Liquor Liability Insurance

With the abundance of sun and lively culture, Florida can be a great destination for anyone wanting to relax and have a good time. As a club, restaurant or bar owner, your business may be thriving. Unfortunately, serving liquor can also potentially lead to many hassles for your organization. Nevertheless, Florida small business insurance can help in case your establishment gets sued.

Technically, people should be responsible and be able to enjoy a night out without getting into a fight or getting behind the wheel of a car and causing a terrible accident. However, this isnt always the case, and the person getting beaten up by someone who got drunk in your bar or the individual getting injured by a drunk driver who had a little too much to drink at your club may sue your organization.

Even if you are not found to be responsible, you will still likely need to spent money and time on hiring lawyers and going through the legal turmoil of the situation. Florida small business insurance like the liquor liability insurance can help in these circumstances. The insurance may help pay for claims if youre found responsible for damages caused by an intoxicated individual to whom you served alcohol.

Being a club, restaurant or bar owner in Florida can be an extremely fun and lucrative business. Liquor liability business insurance can help keep the fun going.