Renting a Marina Slip

Renting Marina Slip

Renting a Marina Slip

If you’re considering renting a slip at a marina, there are a few things that you need to consider. Read the lease agreement carefully; there are several important obligations involved with entering into a lease agreement.

Insurance Requirements

A marina slip contract typically requires that lessees carry a minimum amount of insurance. It will be necessary to provide a current certificate of insurance naming the marina as an additional insured or interested party. In the event insurance is canceled, the carrier will then need to send notice of the cancellation to the marina.

Use Restrictions

If you plan on keeping your boat on a lift, you need to find out in advance if the marina permits them. Certain structures are prohibited by marinas or by their lease or usage agreements with a state regulatory agency. For environmental reasons, some areas require that the seafloor have access to the sun so a fixed structure may be prohibited.

Responsibilities for Storm Preparation

A slip contract may require that lessees take certain actions to prepare for a storm or a hurricane. If a lessee is unable to take action, the marina may do so at the lessee’s expense.

Leasing a slip may entail more expense than is set out in the lease agreement. Be sure to ask any questions that you may have in advance of entering into a lease agreement.