Common Risks Faced by Retail Stores

Irving Weber Associates

Owning or operating a retail store comes with inherent risks that may significantly impact your business. Fortunately, insurance companies offer a variety of policies to protect you from these unprecedented risks. For instance, some insurers […]

Do You Need High Value Homeowners Insurance?

High-Value Homeowners

Buying a home is an investment for anyone. However, if you are purchasing a high-value home, you need to ensure you have the high-value insurance to protect it. You may wonder what the difference is […]

Why Do CPAs Need Liability Coverage?

Huntersure LLC

Accountants face big responsibilities. They handle people’s personal and business finances, one of the most sensitive aspects of their lives. Having professional liability coverage is necessary for all CPAs. Clients Sue for Many Reasons The […]

Protect Your Hemp Farm

Cannabis insurance programs

Not everyone involved in the cannabis industry is upfront, making sales and schmoozing with customers. Some people, like you, prefer to be with the plants themselves: Trimming, watering and everything else that comes with the […]

Why a Scooter Could Be Your Best Investment


Deciding to drive to and from work isn’t for everybody; between the cost of owning a car plus things like maintenance and monthly insurance payments, it can get pricey in a hurry. If you’re one […]

Brokers in the Healthcare Industry


When most people hear the title insurance broker they tend to think about homeowners’ insurance. These are usually independent contractors who are responsible for finding the best available policies for their clients. They do not […]

Do You Know All Your Staffing Agency Insurance Coverage Needs?

Agency Workers Compensation

As a staffing company, you occupy a useful and often under-discussed niche, recruiting and providing workers to other businesses. When it comes to your own insurance needs, this puts you into a very unique position. […]

3 Common Types of Insurance in Film Production

U.S. Risk

Producing movies and television is an exciting art, but its chaotic nature can lead to numerous risks and hazards on a film set. Therefore, producers and other leaders often invest in numerous types of insurance […]

Getting the Extra Coverage You Need

Liability Policy

When you are buying insurance for your business, you may think that a basic business owner’s policy and general liability are enough. Your agent, however, may be able to offer other suggestions that cover you […]

3 Tips for Improved Cybersecurity for Family Companies


Cybersecurity for high net worth individuals has been on the rise in recent years. The number of large corporations breached has hit the news with fairly regular occurrence. Family-run businesses have been hit as well […]