Risk Management Considerations for Cannabis Companies

Cannabis Companies

Companies that are engaged in the manufacture or distribution of cannabis, hemp, and CBD products need to develop effective risk mitigation strategies. Here are some things that you can do to help protect your growing […]

Do I Have Enough Property Insurance To Cover Any Catastrophe?

Property Insurance

If you are like most homeowners, you are under the assumption that your property insurance will cover all of the costs involved in rebuilding your home after a catastrophe. Some policies, however, will only pay […]

What Is an Occurrence Policy?

Occurrence Policy

If your business has any dealings with the public, then you need insurance to cover the myriad circumstances that could go wrong and cause damage or personal injury. However, there are different types of liability […]

Errors and Omissions for the Medical Field

Errors and Omissions

An errors and omissions policy protects and individual or organization from claims that are filed due to accidental negligence or failure to provide services according to an arrangement or contract.  An E&O claim will look […]

Does My Business Need Indirect Liability Insurance?

Indirect Liability Insurance

Consider this scenario: You have hired an independent contractor to fix your building’s leaky roof. Since it just rained, the roof is wet. The contractor slips on the flat, slippery roof. While bracing for the […]

Renting a Marina Slip

Renting Marina Slip

If you’re considering renting a slip at a marina, there are a few things that you need to consider. Read the lease agreement carefully; there are several important obligations involved with entering into a lease […]

How the History of the Laundry Industry Impacts Your Company’s Present

laundry industry

The laundry industry has a long and interesting history. While the concept of washing and cleaning articles of clothing is one that has been around almost as long as clothing itself, laundering as it exists […]

The Solution to Home Care Professional Risks

Professional Risks

Many companion and home care professionals face significant liability risks, as do the companies that employ them. When working in such a personal position as caring for the loved one of a client, protection from […]

What You Need To Know About Legal Marijuana in the Workplace

Legal Marijuana

With marijuana becoming legal in more states by the month, employers are facing new challenges regarding marijuana in the workplace. Employees often feel that it’s their right to use legal medical or recreational cannabis and […]

Effective Risk Management for Nonprofit Organizations

Risk Management

Running any type of nonprofit organization requires resourceful budgeting and comprehensive risk management strategies. This is particularly true of organizations whose mission advancement relies heavily on grant-funded activities and volunteer-driven initiatives. Here are some ways […]