Learning How to Safely Run Your Bakery

Learning How to Safely Run Your Bakery

Bakeries commonly attract individuals looking for freshly made bread, pastries, pies, cakes and other sugary desserts. Quick turnaround times are often needed to successfully meet customer demand, maintain profits and remain competitive within the industry. Business owners should strive to ensure bakery safety by employing skilled staff members and implementing proper business practices and procedures.

Ensure Proper Use of Equipment

Large ovens, electric mixers, graters, knives and pans are housed within a bakery’s kitchen. These regularly used items can pose a potential threat if they are not handled with care, securely stored and correctly maintained. Employees should not only have extensive knowledge of all machinery, but they should also be well-versed in how to respond to emergency situations such as fires, cuts and burns.

Maintain Clean Work Areas

Bakeries can easily become chaotic as employees tend to customers and bakers navigate their way through small areas. Items left on the floor can become a tripping hazard, while cluttered tables and work areas can cause harm to individuals who may inadvertently brush up against them. Sharp objects should be safely secured, and all food should be tightly sealed. Organization plays an essential role when it comes to bakery safety.

When opening your own bakery, it is important to consider all aspects of the business. Creating a safe work environment can help minimize your need for any insurance claims.