Insuring Your Canadian Water-Related Business

Water is a precious resource and essential for living all over the world. The ability to process and treat it for safe use is a cornerstone of modern society and public infrastructure. Millions of Canadians depend on access to clean water for use every day. As a business that handles this essential resource, it’s important to have a Canada water treatment insurance policy to cover your liability claims related to the way you work.

Addressing Multiple Types of Coverage

When it comes to insurance protection, it’s important to have a policy that addresses various types of liability, especially north of the border:

  • General Liability
  • Work Products and Completed Projects
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Pollution
  • Errors and Omissions in Design and Construction
  • Exclusions Regarding Bacteria
  • Exclusions Related to Radon and Heavy Metals
  • Available Coverage Expansions
  • Occasional Coverage Within US Borders

Tailoring Coverage for Your Business

When it comes to water operations, it’s critical to make sure you work with a provider that not only understands Canadian rules and regulations but also the particular needs of your business. From wastewater recycling to the design and construction of a water conveyance system, there are details that are unique to the services you provide. The right insurance policies help you dot every I and cross every T to protect your company and preserve and promote safe practices regarding water usage by Canadian citizens.