How To Prepare Your Boat for Spring

How To Prepare Your Boat for Spring

Whether you live in a mild climate or somewhere buried in snow for half the year, you’re ready to celebrate the arrival of spring with a boat ride. Owning a boat comes with responsibilities, and yearly spring boat inspections are high on the list. Here’s what you need to consider when you prepare your boat for spring and summer outings. 

Verify That All Systems Are in Working Order

Checking your boat in the spring is more than pulling back the tarp to see if a litter of kittens awaits you inside. It’s important to check every system that makes your boat run, including electrical, steering, drainage, and fuel lines. Pay special attention to the engine components, and if you see any cracks or other serious wear and tear, it’s time for new parts.  

Repair or Replace Any Critical Accessories 

Your boat can’t run without a battery, but that’s not the only thing you may want to replace. Every spring boat inspection should include a thorough check of bulbs, fire extinguishers, life jackets, flairs, ropes, and anchors. If needed, you may have to renew any special licenses that you will use while out on the water, such as a fishing license and boat registration. 

The first boating weekend of the year is always exciting. You can ensure it’s a safe and satisfying one by completing your boat inspection before you head to the marina.