How the History of the Laundry Industry Impacts Your Company’s Present

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How the History of the Laundry Industry Impacts Your Company’s Present

The laundry industry has a long and interesting history. While the concept of washing and cleaning articles of clothing is one that has been around almost as long as clothing itself, laundering as it exists today has its own origins. Some believe the Romans were the first to establish what would be viewed as commercial laundry services, but there are anecdotal instances in other cultures that predate this period. Understanding certain points about the history of the industry can help you best run your business in the present day.

The Rise of Technology 

When you read more about the laundry industry, you start to notice how the evolution of technology plays into things. As equipment advances, so do the risks to employees. Keep this in mind when assessing your business for its insurance needs. While the machinery has become more complicated, safety standards and federal laws helped to increase protection to workers. As a business owner, you want to limit accidents and avoid legal and financial complications. Commercial laundry can also take many forms:

  • Sheets and linens for hotels
  • Wardrobe for stage and screen productions
  • Uniform laundering

Assess Your Insurance Needs

By looking into the history of your industry, you can learn a lot about how to best protect your business from common risks. The more you learn, the easier it will be to select a comprehensive plan that covers all your bases and keeps your company protected at all times.