How Insurers Benefit From MGA Data

How Insurers Benefit From MGA Data

A managing general agent or MGA company has underwriting authority by insurers and can administer programs. The MGA’s role is to manage the insurance business of an insurer and act as a broker or intermediary between agents, carriers, and the insured entity. If you are a carrier seeking leads, you may benefit from a list of MGA insurance companies.

Who May Benefit From MGA Data?

Insurers can benefit from working with MGAs because MGAs may have valuable expertise that insurance companies do not have. You can delegate more complicated tasks to an MGA that already knows how to deal with them. MGAs tend to deal with professional liability, employee benefits and other specialized insurance policies.

What Type of Data Is Included?

When you have access to an MGA company list, it comes with various data points. Some data points include:

  • Contact names, email and phone numbers
  • Company locations
  • Employee numbers
  • Size of company
  • Policy administration system
  • SIC codes
  • Social media platforms

You have all of the necessary information to target the businesses that could generate the most leads.

If your marketing strategy targets different MGA companies as potential leads, you have to know how to reach out to. The more information you have about a company, the more likely you are to pinpoint the right fit.