Getting a Better Understanding of a VGP

When it comes to seeing long-term success from your business, you absolutely need to dedicate time and energy to understanding every aspect of your industry. Businesses that operate vessels in waters of the United States, for example, absolutely require VGPs. This type of permit makes all the difference in how a business handles various legal matters related to operating a business on or near open waters. Take a look at these points to gain more perspective on this requirement.

What Are Vessel General Permits?

The first thing to understand about a vessel general permit is that it is required in the United States for all vessels with the exception of those designated for recreation. In the past, boats smaller than 79 feet in length did not require a VGP, but updated regulations have changed this. If you have been operating under the assumption that your commercial boat doesn’t need a permit, now is the time to review the details and see if you need to make major changes. Other points to note about this permit include:

  • Applies to any and all discharges
  • Adheres to clean-water treaties
  • Varies between states

Protect Your Business

When it comes to shielding your business from the threats ahead, you absolutely want to take time to review all of the business requirements placed on you by local and federal laws. Look over the details surrounding VGPs to get an idea of how to get started.