Finding Insurance for Agriculture Businesses

Finding Insurance for Agriculture Businesses

Farms and other agricultural businesses are the backbone of the country’s infrastructure because they provide the food needed by our nation. Whether your role is in growing produce, raising meat, cash crops like hemp, or even growing feed and fuel grains that help the industry run, your business has unique insurance needs. That’s why many owners now look for a dedicated insurance program for agricultural businesses when shopping for insurance coverage. It’s simple, and it often saves you money.

Features To Look for in Farm Insurance

The most important and unique coverage needed by almost every agriculture business is crop insurance. Even businesses that focus on raising meat often grow feed for the company’s livestock, and if those crops are not insured, the additional cost of operations caused by their loss could cause financial hardship for the business as a whole. Crop coverage needs to be multi-peril in nature, protecting from fire, intentional malice, flooding, hail, and any other local environmental disaster.

Additional Coverage Areas for Agriculture

Many agriculture businesses opt to seek out crop insurance from a specialty company focused on just that, but crop insurance is not the only coverage needed. These additional forms of insurance are often required, they just aren’t unique to agriculture. In fact, some are practically universal across industries.

  • General liability
  • Commercial property
  • Commercial vehicle
  • Workers compensation
  • Public liability
  • Third-party liability

To learn more, contact an insurance program for agricultural businesses and ask about your options.