Does Your Insurance Meet the Needs of Your Staffing Agency?

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Does Your Insurance Meet the Needs of Your Staffing Agency?

When you run a staffing firm, your work can sometimes prove more challenging than you’d like. The temp industry is complicated, meaning you can’t always rest on the laurels that other industries do. The contractors employed by your staffing firm fall into a specific status when it comes to employment. This means your traditional plan for workers’ comp and other insurance coverage will not work in the same way. Use these tips to see how you can improve your coverage to fit the needs of your agency. 

Meet Staffing Agency Criteria

Appropriate staffing agency insurance should always address the unique nature of temp work. Since contractors work under your organization and the entities you assign them to, it can be difficult to suss out which insurance plan the workers fall under. By taking out additional protections with your plan, you can be sure that any incidents that occur will not be used against you in legal or financial ways. Additionally, you can protect your employees in the event of injury while on a job. Other points to look over include: 

Overcome Any Obstacle

Though there are some significant obstacles on the way to success, your staffing firm can easily get ahead with a little forethought. Explore your options with insurance and discover how you can stay protected at all times.