Do You Need High Value Homeowners Insurance?

High-Value Homeowners

Do You Need High Value Homeowners Insurance?

Buying a home is an investment for anyone. However, if you are purchasing a high-value home, you need to ensure you have the high-value insurance to protect it.

You may wonder what the difference is between high-value homeowner’s insurance and traditional homeowners’ insurance. The main difference is in the name high-value homeowners insurance is designed to protect higher value homes. These include things like heritage homes or homes with unique design elements or special features.

Is High-Value Home Insurance Just for Houses?

High-value insurance isn’t just for homeowners, as seen on, it can also be purchased for high-value rental homes or condos. Selecting the right policy makes a difference to ensure you can maintain your lifestyle if you ever have to file a claim. This is why finding the right policy is so important.

Is High-Value Home Insurance Necessary for You?

Not all homes or structures are eligible for this type of insurance. The coverage is designed for rental properties, condos, and houses that have a higher than normal reconstruction value.

If you are buying a high-value home, it’s best to think about whether you need this coverage. If so, be sure to purchase it to cover the costs of rebuilding if a devastating event occurs that results in a loss in the property.