Do You Know All Your Staffing Agency Insurance Coverage Needs?

As a staffing company, you occupy a useful and often under-discussed niche, recruiting and providing workers to other businesses. When it comes to your own insurance needs, this puts you into a very unique position. You wind up with some of the liability for what your employees and contractors do while on location, but you share others with the company contracting their services. As WWSPI points out, you also wind up being the party responsible for their workers’ compensation insurance if they should get hurt on the job, so you’ll need coverage that includes worker’s compensation for staffing companies.

Get Help From Expert Insurance Providers

When you work with insurers who make it their business to provide for staffing companies, you don’t need to explain how your business model differs from employers who primarily recruit for talent that will work in-house on their own projects. Instead, you gain access to the resource that is their experience providing for companies with similar business models to yours, at every stage of their growth. Make it easy for your business to get advice from people who really understand what you’re trying to do, and take advantage of the opportunity to get the insurance that fits you like a glove. No more over-insuring your liability by accepting generalized policies meant to be a one size fits all experience, just the right coverage for your company.