Dealing With Negative Feedback for Your Food Truck Business

Dealing With Negative Feedback for Your Food Truck Business

Reputation management for food trucks is an essential part of a successful and sustainable business. As an owner, striving to keep a positive reputation by keeping your clientele happy is one critical aspect of managing your reputation. But sometimes bad things happen, such as getting a negative review, in person or online. This is why it makes good sense to have a plan for dealing with negative feedback.

Dealing With In Person Negative Feedback

  • Train staff to be open to receiving customer complaints and listen carefully
  • Have procedures in place that include what to say, how to say it, and what to offer, and make sure everyone on staff knows these procedures
  • Prepare to take feedback and use it make changes to improve overall service
  • Resolving the customer’s problem is key to positive reputation management for food trucks

Dealing With Online Negative Feedback

  • Respond in a timely manner, acknowledge the customer’s issue, and apologize
  • Make it right by reaching out to displeased consumers and requesting a second chance, free of charge, to wow them with outstanding service
  • Be a cheerleader for your business by sharing positive experiences to outnumber the negative reviews

Remember to take care of your best customers and respond quickly to negative reviews. Make reputation management for food trucks work in your favor.