Dangers from Salt, Sun, and Having a Pleasure Boat Insurance Program

pleasure boat insurance program

Dangers from Salt, Sun, and Having a Pleasure Boat Insurance Program

As warmer climates approach us, those in the boat building industry might want to get ready for increased workloads. Many boat owners might wish to prepare their watercraft for the months ahead. Those who enjoy warm weather all year round also need to take proper care of their vessels, especially if left unused for long lengths of time.

There are dangers to consider, especially in tropical climates, which often pose severe threats to boats being stored in these areas as well. In order to protect your clients valuable assets, be sure that they’re taking advantage of a pleasure boat insurance program designed specifically for their needs.

Damage caused by salt can be quite severe

Salt exposure is unfortunately inevitable for boats. Salt is present in both the water and the air. One major concern is that salt attracts moisture, which leaves clothing and seat cushions susceptible to the growth of mold and mildew. Everything that is stored on the boat should be completely dried out before being put it into storage, and this is especially true for any equipment that is to remain on the vessel.

Make sure that they clear the decks and rinse all of the sails, allowing them to dry completely, and make any minor repairs to equipment, as this should be completed before storage, which often saves on time and money when it comes time to put them to use once more. The tropical sun can be quite damaging to items exposed for long periods of time, but they can protect any cordage and rigging (and don’t forget to have them rinse everything off with fresh water to help reduce the odds of salt build up).

Spraying bug repellent in high-traffic food areas (for example stoves and pantries) will help to ward off any unwanted insects and pests. Finally, they should place a bowl of boiling water inside the freezer will remove ice quite easily, avoiding the difficult task of scraping the ice off, just simply wait for the ice to melt. To rid the fridge of any odors, they should use white vinegar to wipe down the components.

If major damage does occur from salt and sun, or other elements, its good to have your clients enlist your services by asking you to provide them with a pleasure boat insurance program that addresses matters of this sort.