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Common Accidents in a Typical Office Setting

When you think of workplace accidents, you likely think of them occurring on construction sites, in warehouses and other work environments where theres dangerous equipment. That being said, youll want to get workers compensation insurance in Los Angeles even if yours is a typical office. Here are a few of the most common accidents in

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What Small Business Owners Should Know About Workers Compensation

As a small business owner, you probably have liability coverage for your company, but do you have workers compensation coverage? Protecting your employees from serious injury while they are on the job is just one of your administrative responsibilities. New York small business workers compensation provides that level of protection both you and your workers

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What to Look for in a Workmans Comp Insurance Wholesaler

There is much turmoil in the workmans comp insurance industry. Between a fear of insurance fraud and the states enacting tough legislation, many small business owners are left without crucial coverage. They turn to you, their insurance agent, and you’re going to have to turn to a wholesaler that can meet your clients special needs.

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