Temporary Staffing Insurance and Applicant Screening

temporary staffing insurance

Temporary staffing agencies were designed to help outside businesses fill positions within their companies while a permanent employee is out sick or on vacation. Staffing agencies must also provide temporary staffing insurance in the event […]

Hospitality Insurance and Risk Management

hospitality insurance

Safety of guests and visitors has always been a primary concern for those in the hospitality industry. Whether you own and operate a hotel, casino, or even a golf course you always want to ensure […]

3 Subtle Benefits You Must Get From Your Insurance Agency

Insurance Agency New Mexico

Are you simply looking for personal insurance or need to find excellent coverage for your large corporation or young small business? There are some things that are worth looking for in your insurance agency in […]

The Ins and Outs of a Hospitality Insurance Program

hospitality insurance company

There are many insurance considerations that pertain to the hospitality services industry that are both unique and complicated. The risks and operations associated with operating this type of business requires the knowledge of a professional […]

Manufacturers Insurance in Long Beach

manufacturers insurance in Long Beach

Machine shop insurance offers many benefits to anyone who owns a business in the manufacturing industry. There are many types of insurance packages, and each one can be individually crafted to fit the needs of […]

Safety, Maintenance and Laundromat Insurance

Laundromat insurance

One thing that every owner of a coin-operated laundromat should make his or her top priority is safety. After all, the locals who utilize your business depend on you to ensure that they dont become […]

Temporary Staffing Insurance for Agencies & Their Clients

Temporary Staffing Insurance for Agencies & Their Clients

The importance of maintaining appropriate insurance coverage applies to temporary staffing agencies due to a number of risks these types of service businesses are exposed to. First, they hire people to work for other companies. […]

Staffing Insurance and the Interviewing Process

Staffing Insurance

Hiring competent temp workers for clients is essential, since many employers plan to transition temporary workers into full-time employees. Therefore, those talented individuals may have a real possibility of gaining a permanent position. The interview […]