Temporary Staffing Insurance and Applicant Screening

Temporary staffing agencies were designed to help outside businesses fill positions within their companies while a permanent employee is out sick or on vacation. Staffing agencies must also provide temporary staffing insurance in the event damages result from any actions taken by their temporary staffer while on the job, or in the event that an injury occurs, among other possible litigious situations.

The Talent Pool Can Provide A Slew of Opportunities

Employers rely on the talents and services of temp agency worker, which therefore requires a temp agency to maintain a large source of talented individuals to serve the staffing needs of its demographic area. No longer are these temporary positions solely for the need of basic clerks, secretaries or support staff, but now the industry also offers highly trained or educated professionals. A temp agency must carefully address the staffing needs of many different types of businesses and recruit and retain appropriate temporary workers to fill in when and where needed.

Applicants Must Be Properly Screened

The most successful temp agencies take the time and expense necessary to adequately screen all staff members. This in an important step in maintaining a qualified staffing agency in order to assure clients that the people coming from the agency are competent and can step in without much training in order to get the job done. Temp agencies must therefore go beyond solely conducting an interview to confirm skills and experience, but also hire candidates with knowledge of procedures along with proof of training in medical or other highly trained fields and should require documented proof of this.

It is vital that they get recommendations from satisfied previous employers and references should be checked and verified. It would also be prudent to contact previous employers to validate work history as well. This is a time-consuming process that shouldn’t be overlooked, especially in times of extreme demand.

The fees charged by temp agencies to employers for the services they provide ultimately save those companies money in human resources costs and other related expenses, and many of the top temp agencies are able to provide exceptionally talented workers using seminars and workshops to improve skill sets. Temp agencies, along with providing temporary staffing insurance as a way to mitigate risks, must also take stock of the economic trends and be willing to negotiate fees with clients in order to retain long-term relationships.

Hospitality Insurance and Risk Management

Safety of guests and visitors has always been a primary concern for those in the hospitality industry. Whether you own and operate a hotel, casino, or even a golf course you always want to ensure that those depending on you for a safe and rewarding experience receives exactly what they’ve come there to expect.

Owners should always carry hospitality insurance that responds to claims that commonly occur at properties of this type, but they also need to consider all existing areas of risk and any exposures that might threaten the safety of their guests and have in place the correct measures to ensure that neither harm nor losses are the result of negligence on their part.

Risk management tips designed to improve hotel security

Hotels are often targeted because tourists carry large amounts of cash and generally have several credit cards and even valuable jewelry with them when they travel. In order to help prevent robberies, burglaries and other forms of invasion owners should first make sure that they do background checks of all potential employees, have ongoing training of all staff members, including emergency and evacuation training, control all access points in and out of all buildings (all outside doors should contain security locks, all windows be fitted with safety locks, and there should adequate lighting everywhere).

As an added measure, all security cameras should be monitored and working at all times.

It is best to install cameras on all floors, near entrances, on elevators, and any seldom used areas, including loading docks. Criminals have been known to target conference rooms and lobby areas hoping to steal laptops and other valuables left unattended, often pretending to be guests.

Thefts and robberies often take place in parking lots

Having properly lit parking lots and grounds will further prevent criminal acts from occurring. This should include security patrols, with guests leaving the hotel late at night accompanied by a security officer.

All guests are potential victims of crime while on vacation. Instruct them to always listen at the door before entering their rooms, that they should keep their door locked at all times, and know where all emergency exits are. If someone comes to their door identifying themselves as hotel staff, always look through the peephole and check with front desk before opening the door. Finally, never throw the key card in the trash because it contains personal information from registration that could be accessed.

Following these suggestions should help advance safety in hotel management, and resorts and other pleasure stops should carry hospitality insurance and practice good hotel risk management.

3 Subtle Benefits You Must Get From Your Insurance Agency

Are you simply looking for personal insurance or need to find excellent coverage for your large corporation or young small business? There are some things that are worth looking for in your insurance agency in New Mexico so that you’re better covered in the future.

Cooperation and Prevention

First, make sure that any insurance agency you are considering wants to work with you to identify where you are most at risk so you both can determine how to best customize your liability coverage and prevent incidents from happening. Of course, you want an agency to be ready and willing to file liability claims, but its still best to avoid accidents or financial mishaps for your company’s morale and image.

Partnerships and Resources

Second, ask or figure out what connections an insurer has. For example, if you’re a large corporation with very high liability coverage needs, you’ll need to find an insurance agency in New Mexico that is both cooperative, experienced and has great ties with some of the best insurers in the world so that you can get the best possible liability coverage.

Industry Expertise

Finally, look for an agency that has a lot of experience in your particular industry. An agency that generalizes wont be able to properly assess and understand your business, which comes with the great risk that you wont have the precise coverage that you need to safely push forward.

The Ins and Outs of a Hospitality Insurance Program

There are many insurance considerations that pertain to the hospitality services industry that are both unique and complicated. The risks and operations associated with operating this type of business requires the knowledge of a professional hospitality insurance company in order to appreciate just how, and what type of insurance should be placed.

A qualified agent or broker can assist in explaining, for example, how a property insurance claim should be handled. Anyone can appreciate the amount of time and work it takes for insurance agents and brokers to become specialists in this industry. Without this specialization, insurance agents would be much more likely to sell insurance coverage that contains gaps that would often leave hospitality policyholders uninsured or drastically under-insured.

How to get started

Finding an insurance agent or broker who thoroughly understands the hospitality industry is vital, since most owners aren’t fully aware of all the risks facing them and the need for certain coverage’s to properly insure their businesses. Sadly, most owners have little knowledge of, or appreciation for, the impact of exclusions and limitations contained in many policies purchased.

In addition, you should request that the agent thoroughly review your particular business and encourage him or her to follow up with letters and agreements setting forth exactly the type of relationship and service expected, the broadness of coverage desired, and the thoroughness of value investigation needed in order for you to be fully (and safely) insured.

When you decide the time is right to buy liability coverage for your hotel or restaurant operation, you should expect to receive a measure of protection, but you may still remain somewhat concerned that all may not be well with your insurance portfolio.You may still wonder whether or not you have enough coverage for any and all situations.After all, you may not have the right kind of coverage to cover all of the possible accidents, incidents and catastrophes that might occur.

What about employers liability, liquor liability,or auto insurance for employees who drive their own car on behalf of the business?Do you know where your current liability insurance policy is, and when was the last time you read it?If you don’t fully understand the language then you need the agent operating on the behalf of the hospitality insurance program to take the time to explain everything. Insurance works best when you know what the specifics are, what to do when an issue arises, and how to properly file claims.

Manufacturers Insurance in Long Beach

Machine shop insurance offers many benefits to anyone who owns a business in the manufacturing industry. There are many types of insurance packages, and each one can be individually crafted to fit the needs of your business currently, as well as into the future. Every employer in this industry has his or her own unique requirements that can often be overlooked by insurance companies not familiar with the types of products they produce.

Finding the right manufacturers insurance in Long Beach isn’t all that difficult, especially if you run a small business. There are literally dozens of coverage options available, and every company will attempt to make you the best deal affordable for you. You obviously want and need to find a package that will ensure that your business, employees, and customers are well protected.

Protecting your company against certain risks

You need to be aware of certain exposures that exist in your particular line of work, no matter how small the element of risk might be, which is why you need to be properly insured. While other types of businesses may pay a smaller annual premium due to their risk factors being much lower than your own, others may have to pay an elevated one, and as a machine shop owner you’re likely going to need to be fully covered in the event of an accident. A lack of protection makes no sense, plus the costs could be extremely high. So do what any sensible owner would and provide your company with the best coverage to fit your required needs.

Why risk paying out-of-pocket to someone who becomes injured when working or visiting in your shop? This certainly was not part of the plan when you first set up your business. Your operations should run safely and smoothly, and all contingencies need to be considered and covered, including your manufacturers insurance in Long Beach. Although you trust that your employees will do everything in their power to maintain a safe and productive workplace you have to be prepared for the unexpected. Insurance is simply part of the cost of doing business.

Safety, Maintenance and Laundromat Insurance

One thing that every owner of a coin-operated laundromat should make his or her top priority is safety. After all, the locals who utilize your business depend on you to ensure that they dont become victims of an injury caused by faulty equipment or other unsafe conditions. Maintaining a safe and secure environment not only benefits employees and customers, but as a laundromat owner, it can impact your bottom line.

You’ll need plenty of Laundromat insurance to help pay costs associated with any liability issues. By properly maintaining and securing your store, you’ll not only protect your assets and profits, but you’ll also keep your customers and employees happy and secure while making sure your store is operating at its full potential.

Regular maintenance is essential

Keeping your laundromat as safe as possible will minimize the possibility of insurance claims, so be sure to inspect your facility for existing problems on a regular basis and be sure to fix any issues brought to your attention immediately. This includes both, the inside of your facility, as well as the outside of the building. As a laundromat owner you can prevent the likelihood of insurance claims by operating your coin laundry properly.

Wet floors are the cause of many slips, trips and falls. This can also occur outside the walls of the laundry due to cracks, potholes, or uneven pavement. While you may only be renting the premises, you could still be held liable for injuries customers might incur while entering or leaving your commercial laundry. If you notice problems outside of your store needing the landlords attention, be sure to immediately notify the property owner, and keep copies of all correspondence including package delivery receipts, or confirmations from certified letters.

This industry has experienced some high-profile accidents resulting from issues like safety door locks on machines not operating properly. These types of incidents could result in loss of limbs and other serious consequences. No front load washer door should ever open while the washer is in cycle and no top load washer should ever continue in cycle upon lifting of the lid (all lid switches must be kept in proper working order).

Don’t risk everything you’ve worked so hard for by not keeping everything in tip-top condition. Laundromat insurance is better served by taking care of necessary repairs in order to avoid unnecessary lawsuits.


Temporary Staffing Insurance for Agencies & Their Clients

The importance of maintaining appropriate insurance coverage applies to temporary staffing agencies due to a number of risks these types of service businesses are exposed to. First, they hire people to work for other companies. As a result, they’re exposed to allegations of discrimination and other employment practices issues. They also send them to these outside companies that will employ them to perform work temporarily or part-time, at the insured’s place of business.

As a result of having two employers involved, there can be potentially significant coverage gaps that may arise. Given many of the unique issues facing temporary staffing agencies, and arising from the use of temporary workers, these agencies must, at the very least, obtain appropriate temporary staffing insurance coverage. This is by far one of the best investments they can make for their company.

Some important insurance options to consider

A temporary staffing agency and its clients have an array of options for many types of insurance coverage. As a starting point for ensuring they have the necessary insurance coverage, temp staffing agencies and their clients should both obtain a commercial general liability (“CGL”) policy; a temporary staffing liability policy; and an employment-practices liability insurance policy.

Understand that a temporary staffing liability policy provides coverage that a CGL does not provide. Unlike a CGL, a temporary staffing liability policy provides coverage for certain errors or omissions of an employee or temporary employee. Because the typical temporary staffing liability policy provides coverage for wrongful acts of both employees and temporary employees, its coverage provides benefit to both the temporary staffing agency and businesses using the services of temporary workers.

If, for any reason the temp agency’s client seeks to hold the staffing agency liable for an error made by a temp employee the staffing agency placed, this policy provides them with the necessary protection. Under similar circumstances, for the business using temporary employees, the policy provides protection should a third-party seek to hold it liable for an error made by a temporary employee.

There is something at stake for everyone involved and temporary staffing insurance can provide the type of coverage that many of these businesses could face ruin by not having these policies in place.

Staffing Insurance and the Interviewing Process

Hiring competent temp workers for clients is essential, since many employers plan to transition temporary workers into full-time employees. Therefore, those talented individuals may have a real possibility of gaining a permanent position. The interview process can help determine whether people with top-notch credentials and the correct company culture fit are being hired.


Below are a few questions to ask candidates in the interview, to ensure that the temp candidate has the right stuff to become a member of the team. Staffing insurance, in particular employment practices liability insurance (EPLI), can be helpful should accusations of wrongful acts be made as a result of negligent practices by the interviewer, whether real or perceived.


  1. Ask each candidate why he or she is interested in this temporary opportunity.


It’s important to find out why a candidate is interested in the opportunity and what their career ambitions are. Do they see the job as a “stepping stone”, or is this just for a paycheck? Pay attention to any nonverbal gestures during the interview, as this may be a negative indication of their intent.


  1. What do they hope to learn in this position?


Just because a person comes from a different industry or background doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be a bad fit for a client’s temporary position. The most important aspect of using temporary labor is to recruit candidates who want to use the job as an opportunity to learn. Even if his or her skills aren’t a perfect fit, hiring a motivated candidate can help clients jump the skills gap by taking a risk on an outside-the-box candidate.


  1. Ask him or her what their ideal work environment looks like.


Some candidates desire a corporate hierarchy; others are looking for an opportunity with a startup. It’s important to know their ideal fit, which may help the candidate to adapt more easily to the client’s culture.


  1. What do they know about the company?


It’s always important for a candidate to do their homework. Find out what they know about the company and ask them to envision what they can add to the mix.


These are just a few examples of the types of questions that can be a helpful insight into candidates’ strengths and ideologies, while avoiding the trappings associated with EPLI issues. Speak to an agent familiar with staffing companies about staffing insurance for all types of business-related concerns.


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The Policies Offered by Staffing Insurance Professionals

As a staffing agency owner, you have a lot of business matters to handle on a daily basis. If you are just starting out and looking for the right staffing insurance policy, or if you are looking to improve the policy you’ve got, there are some things you should know. First, there are a lot of aspects of insurance that should be looked at in order to find what works best for your company. Second, giving your insurance provider the specifics about your company will help them to identify risks that should be covered. Finally, your staffing agency may not need the same coverage types that another company does. Be sure that you include the policies that will protect your company the best. The following are the policies typically offered by staffing insurance professionals:


  • Abusive Act Protection
  • Crime Compensation
  • Employee Benefits Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • General Liability
  • Hired Auto Coverage
  • Non-Owned Auto Coverage
  • Owned Auto Coverage
  • Professional Liability
  • Property Insurance
  • Stop Gap Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation


As you take a look at all of these policy possibilities, ensure that you speak to your insurance agent to make the best decision. After putting together the staffing insurance policy that works the best for your company, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your company is protected in case of natural, unnatural, or other types of damage.


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