Category: Risk Management for Assisted Living Facilities

Manufacturers Insurance in Long Beach

Machine shop insurance offers many benefits to anyone who owns a business in the manufacturing industry. There are many types of insurance packages, and each one can be individually crafted to fit the needs of your business currently, as well as into the future. Every employer in this industry has his or her own unique

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Fire Prevention and Risk Management for Independent Living Facilities

The aging population of the US is growing, which means that senior living facilities are likely to see an increase in admissions. The more residents in place, the higher the need for specialized risk management for independent living communities. You need to ensure that protocols are in place to protect your staff, property and operations

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What Makes Risk Management a Must-Have for Assisted Living Facilities?

With the baby boomers coming to retirement age, the amount of people needing care in their old age is steadily increasing. Since this age group is so large, many want an assisted living facility that gives them more options for living arrangements and a higher level of care. This demand for better care pushes facilities

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