Clients, Claims, and Malpractice Insurance in Austin

Attorneys perform a service and are therefore expected to do so to the best of their ability. In many instances, clients will enjoy a favorable outcome, but some may be unsatisfied with their attorney, particularly when they are handed an unfavorable judgment. An attorney may wind up on the wrong end of a lawsuit and its times like these theyll be happy that they have Malpractice Insurance in Austin.

There are a number of common complaints that clients voice about the services they receive. A client may claim that, in their opinion, their lawyer has stopped working on their case, or an attorney may settle a case without getting prior authorization from their client. Either of which could be considered to be malpractice because of the actions taken (or not taken) by the lawyer without their client’s approval. The client will have to prove that the attorney failed to act in good faith.

Other instances where accusations of malpractice may be brought up

An attorney may decide that a case is no longer desirable. If so, he or she should notify the client immediately. A client, sensing that their lawyer has vacated, may write or fax a letter expressing their concerns and ask for a meeting. The longer the attorney ignores the client and their case, the more likely it is to amount to a claim of malpractice.

If a case is thrown out of court because the lawyer did little or no work then this may also be considered malpractice. It will require proof that the lawyer mishandled the case and that, if handled correctly, the client could possibly have won and collected a judgment. If proven, then the lawyer may be held responsible for whatever money their client would have won had the case been properly handled.

Accusations can range from stealing a client’s moneyto misuse of any money being held in trust. This should be dealt with immediately to assure the client that this was certainly not the case. Any attorney caught talking about a case outside of court, perhaps repeating something said in confidence, would be in clear violation of his or her duty to their client, which would likely lead to a malpractice suit. Attorneys need Malpractice Insurance in Austin to deal with these types of accusations. Speak to a knowledgeable agent today.


Liquor Liability Issues and RMS Hospitality

The law states that any person or business entity that sells or provides alcoholic beverages to guests has a civil and legal duty to do so in a responsible manner. Lawsuits are often the result of serving someone too much alcohol. Its hard to dispute allegations of serving liquor to someone who is clearly inebriated, especially if it in turn leads to a scuffle and subsequent injuries. Laws were specifically put into place as a way to protect the public from bar and tavern owners who may be guilty of being irresponsible in the administering of alcohol, particularly to under aged or already intoxicated individuals.

RMS Hospitality provides affordable insurance protection

RMS partners with brokers who are well versed in the intricacies of the hospitality industry and can offer you the extensive coverage needed to help you defend against claims related to injuries or accidents should you have an occurrence at your place of business. One of their specialties is handling claims stemming from the sale of alcohol.

Hospitality venues such as nightclubs, restaurants and bars exist as a way for people to socialize after a long day, or week, at work. People who work hard for a living look forward to having a fun evening out on the town. Whether its the local bar, a comedy club, or any venue that owns a liquor license and has the right to sell and serve alcoholic beverages, there will always be risks and exposures associated with this business model.

Long after patrons have had their last drink and are heading home, there still exists liability concerns for you as the owner of the bar or club. For example, if one of your customers has an accident on the way home, is deemed too intoxicated to be operating a motor vehicle, and can establish that they have just recently left your establishment, you may be deemed at fault since they were over the legal limit at the time of the accident.

The consequences would be severe, and a situation of this nature could wind up costing you your entire business. This is why RMS Hospitality insurance coverage is the right solution for any liquor related issues that you may face. Speak to an agent about your specific coverage needs.

Who Can Benefit From Malpractice Insurance?

Malpractice insurance is something that many professionals can benefit from. Sometimes mistakes are made and information is left out of transactions and you need to be covered. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to exposures. Learn if you’re someone who needs Malpractice Insurance in Austin.

Real Estate Professionals

Errors & omissions are fairly common in the real estate world. Liability insurance is designed to cover your risks in this area. Here are four real estate firms that can benefit from malpractice insurance:

  • Title agents
  • Mortgage lenders and brokers
  • Property managers
  • Real estate agencies

If you’re in any of the above professions then you should look into Malpractice Insurance in Austin. Insurance agents and attorneys can also get covered through a professional liability plan like this.

Be Safe Rather Than Sorry

Even if you’re practicing risk management and have trustworthy employees, mistakes can still happen. If errors or omissions or made then you could be at risk for professional liability claims. You can’t rely on general liability to cover you in these instances.

It’s time to make sure your firm has the specific coverage it needs. Don’t leave yourself at risk for a professional liability suit. When you’re covered you’ll have better peace of mind. Consider getting Malpractice Insurance in Austin from a trusted insurance agency.