Yacht Building: 3 Things to Consider When Searching for Insurance Brokers

Finding the right insurance broker for your building project is a complex undertaking, and one that should not be taken lightly. With so many factors to consider, such as property coverage, equipment damage, and general liability, selecting the right yacht builders insurance brokers is key to the success of your venture. When embarking on this effort, it can be helpful to keep a few important considerations in mind.

Do Your Research

Try searching for insurance brokers with the necessary experience and expertise to tackle your unique project. When identifying potential brokers, be sure to check that they have an understanding of jobs similar to yours. Also, look for any references or ways to contact current and former clients.

Dont Rush the Vetting Process

Only doing surface level research will likely not benefit you in the long run, so planning multiple conversations with potential insurance brokers can be very beneficial. You want to be sure that your yacht builders insurance brokers have the necessary skill set, experience, and attention to detail that your projects requires.

Be Wary of One-Size-Fits-All Coverage

When dealing with such a specialized market, insurance brokers for yacht building can be somewhat expensive. Because of this, it is important to be sure that you are getting the exact coverage you need. Make sure that the insurance broker you decide to work with can meet all of your needs, and that you fully understand the specifics of the insurance you are being provided.

3 Tips for Selecting Condo Insurance

Navigating the specifics in the insurance industry can sometimes be a confusing endeavor. Trying to determine the conditions and circumstances that are suitable to your situation can seem daunting. Fortunately, here are three tips for selecting wholesale condo insurance policies.

1. Select a Reputable Insurance Company

Not all insurance companies are created equal. Because condo insurance requires terms and conditions that are unique to this type of living condition, its important to select a respectable insurance company that has ample knowledge and expertise.

2. Tailor the Policy to Specific Needs

Living along the coast in Florida certainly brings a unique set of risks. When offering wholesale condo insurance policies to clients, its important that the policy is tailored to their specific needs. A client that lives in an upscale, gated community several hundred miles from the coast needs an insurance policy that is different than a customer that lives in a condo located on the coast.

3. Understand the Basics

Before purchasing any type of policy, be sure to understand some basic information when it comes to condo insurance. That is, look for a policy that offers the following:

  • Liability coverage
  • Personal property coverage
  • Loss assessment
  • Additional living expenses in case of displacement

Before purchasing condo insurance, be sure to select a reputable insurance company that has knowledge in the condo insurance field. Its also important to tailor the policy to meet specific needs in order to mitigate risk. By understanding the basic types of coverage, youll be able to successfully navigate through wholesale condo insurance policies.

Weather is a Major Factor for Florida Businesses

When major storm activity hits these shores they often leave major destruction in their wake. Constant exposure to high winds can wreak havoc on your business resulting in costly repairs. After a hurricane or other huge storm you should immediately check for any damage caused outside and file the necessary claims. Of course, you’ll need to have Florida windstorm insurance to address these issues and help to pay costly repairs.

The fact of the matter is that the weather is often unpredictable, and one never knows when a severe thunderstorm or other natural disaster is going to make a mess of things. But, when it does happen, and storm damage happens very quickly, high winds can be powerful enough to knock down structures, hail causes serious damage to roofs, and lightning strikes can result in damage to people and equipment.

Storms can be extremely costly for business owners

Its hard to predict what will happen during a storm. There is the danger of debris flying into buildings, torrential rains may flood offices, and the result is usually damage to property, a work stoppage, and also loss of income. Annually, insured losses due to wind and thunderstorm events are often in the 20-30 billion dollar range.

Coastal areas in particular experience tremendous population growth resulting in more structures being built and thus the potential for more damage to occur. This, coupled with an increase in hurricane and storm activity, makes it increasingly clearer that commercial property owners need wind-specific coverage to compensate for any losses.

After the storm passes youll want to make sure you have an inspector takes a careful look at your roof, windows, and any equipment, for example, air conditioning units, to determine if damage has occurred. Also check for any downed or damaged electrical wires or other utilities that may be a hazard to people leaving or entering the premises. Check for leaking, flooding and water damage and note any fallen tree branches on your property.

With all these concerns it’s really quite clear that, in order to swiftly recover from a major storm, you’ll need adequate Florida windstorm insurance to get your business back on its feet.


Never Go into Business Uninsured

It might be tempting to cut business costs to earn more profit, especially if youre just starting out, but if you choose that route, make certain your Florida small business insurance doesnt end up on the cutting room floor. Never believe anyone who tells you business insurance is a waste of money. It is one of the wisest investments you can make, especially in The Sunshine State. Insuring your business not only protects it, it protects you, and since youre a small business owner who likely has some of his or her personal finances tied up in your venture, maximum protection is crucial.

When you take out Florida small business insurance, you have the option to tailor your policy to your exact needs. This works well if your venture is something specialized, such as marina facilities or a liquor vendor. No matter what you do, you need to secure general and property liability insurance to protect your operations and your facilities. Keep in mind should someone slip and fall at your commercial property, he or she could come after your business and you. Other coverage includes protection against employee injury, manufacturing liability, contracts and/or leases and libel or slander. Speak with a qualified broker to discuss your business for an all-inclusive insurance package.

Coverage for Employee Injuries

Part of the cost of doing business is providing workers comp coverage for those you employ in your company. Injuries can happen, especially in the machine dealer industry, and it helps to reduce accidents by having employees pay strict attention to safety rules and regulations.


Employees moving equipment that is heavy on a regular basis can suffer minor or severe back issues, and can often receive lacerations when loading machines on and off of trucks for delivery. They should be instructed to wear the proper gear and to ask for assistance when the load is more than one or two people can handle. It’s important that workers never take unnecessary risks at work. Machine Dealer Insurance that covers claims of on-the-job injuries will sufficiently resolve such issues.


Workers Comp required by New York State law


New York State law mandates workers compensation, so businesses with employees must provide coverage. This protects a companys assets and financially assists employees who become ill, injured, or disabled during the course of work. Employees feel better knowing that such coverage exists; and for office machine dealers and suppliers, there are many risks associated with this line of work.


Insurers also understand the value in carrying this vital coverage. Your agent can assist you in finding the right coverage options that will ensure you are adhering to regulations as well as doing all you can to provide the best care and services to your team.


While this coverage is considered a significant cost of doing business, the loss of a valued employee suffering an injury at work can have serious consequences as well. Proper handling of an injury helps build trust and reassures other workers that they can expect to be given the best treatment if they ever get hurt at work.


Partnering with the right insurer helps keep costs down. In order to do so you’ll need safety training and reviews, along with programs designed to educate your employees and thereby reduce chances of injuries occurring.


Speak to an agent about Machine Dealer Insurance, and a workers comp policy. Machine dealer insurance that addresses workers compensation issues is a mainstay in any equipment dealers insurance portfolio.


Is Renters Insurance Right for You?

You may know you need homeowners insurance when you purchase a home, but you may be unaware you need a renters insurance program when you rent or lease. The truth is you are in a precarious situation should any misfortune occur while you’re renting. Many losses would not be covered by the property owners insurance plan, including the following:

  • Accidents or injuries inside your apartment or rented home
  • Property loss from fire, flooding, or another natural disaster
  • Tenant possessions were stolen from the rental property
  • Replacement cost or reimbursement if the rented home becomes uninhabitable causing the tenant to evacuate temporarily (such as due to water damage after a flood)
  • Damage your child causes to neighbors property
  • Items you’ve borrowed from a friend that are in your possession when disaster strikes

The Cost of Renters Insurance

Not only can a renters insurance program protect you from these and other disasters, it is very affordable. Many policies are priced to accommodate college students, so the cost is very reasonable, especially compared to the high value. The cost of each policy varies based on coverage, so be clear about what is covered when you choose your policy.

You can benefit from a renters insurance program. Contact your insurance provider today to find a policy thats right for you.

3 Traits You Should Look For in a Liability Insurance Company

As a business owner, you are an expert at analyzing risks versus rewards. You are familiar with the vast array of possibilities that could spell doom or promise success in your business future. Because of this expertise, you know that you can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to your liability insurance coverage. Here are 3 traits you should look for in your search for liability insurance in Florida.


The liability insurance company you choose should have decades of experience in the industry. Generally speaking, a company with this kind of experience will have multiple locations to better serve your needs, and hundreds of employees to ensure quick response time.

2.Affordable Pricing

While the saying you get what you pay for is usually a true statement, that doesn’t mean you should pay an arm and a leg for commercial general liability. The company you choose should offer you a robust coverage package at a competitive price, ensuring efficiency with both your money and your coverage.


While looking for liability insurance in Florida, you’ll find plenty of companies with decades of experience, but those years of experience won’t necessarily be equal to their level of expertise. You’ll wants to be sure your assets are covered by a company with quick but thorough underwriting processes and claims management.