Protections for Certified Public Accountants

cpa professional liability insurance

Certified Public Accountants provide an invaluable service. Without the financial, mathematical and legal expertise of these highly skilled individuals, many people would find themselves struggling to understand how to manage and account for their finances. […]

Special Risk Insurance: What is it?

Special risks insurance brokers

Most people have some sort of general insurance such as auto, home, renters or health insurance. However, these basic insurance policies don’t cover any unique or special risks a business or individual may face. Special […]

Insurance for Homes in a Coastal City: Alpine, New Jersey

home insurance in Alpine

While there are always dangers present for any home, those that are built in a coastal city have some unique risks that would not be found further within the country. It’s lovely to be near […]

Key Facts To Know About Insuring Your Electrical Business

electrician public liability insurance torrance

While electricity has become a part of modern life, someone has to operate, install and work on electricity components whether lines, transformers or the like. Accidents can happen. Protect your electrical business with electrician public […]

Don’t Forget Bar Liability Insurance

Bar liability insurance programs

Bar liability insurance programs are your first line of defense against claims due to damage to property or bodily harm to a patron. To be able to sell liquor at a bar is important. It’s […]

Tips for Relocating to Massachusetts

insurance services of New England

With a new year comes new resolutions. One thing you should add to your annual to-do list is reevaluating your insurance policies. The most common personal insurance policies are health, homeowners or renters, flood and […]

Newport Beach Boating Businesses

newport beach boat insurance

California is known for its exceptional beaches, and Newport Beach is a prime example of why locals and visitors flock from around the world to experience what the golden state’s coastline has to offer. The […]

homeowners insurance, coastal areas

Having homeowners insurance is a must for many people. With home ownership being one the biggest life investments for the average person, it’s no wonder that many take the proper measures to ensure that their […]

3 Benefits of Using Insurance Website Templates

insurance agency website templates

A professional image is critical to your online presence. Your website is the first thing visitors see. The way it looks has an impact on your ability to turn visitors into customers. This is where […]

Protect Your Laundry Shop With Commercial Insurance

commercial laundry business

As a commercial laundry business, your clients trust you to handle their best apparel with extreme care. In order to not only protect your clients, but yourself, you need commercial insurance. Here are a few […]