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What You Need To Know About the Basics of Captive Health Coverage

If you operate a small business that still needs to find a viable healthcare plan option for its employees, you may have started to research the possibility of captive health insurance. This unique insurance type allows your company to provide coverage through joining a parent company. Here are the basics. Captive Health Coverage Can Provide

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The Solution to Home Care Professional Risks

Many companion and home care professionals face significant liability risks, as do the companies that employ them. When working in such a personal position as caring for the loved one of a client, protection from disgruntled client claims is absolutely necessary. Luckily, companion care insurance is a readily available and effective solution. Who Can Get

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Brokers in the Healthcare Industry

When most people hear the title insurance broker they tend to think about homeowners’ insurance. These are usually independent contractors who are responsible for finding the best available policies for their clients. They do not represent a specific agency and instead maintain regular contact with many different agencies in order to find the best coverage

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