Reasons Why Cyber Liability Insurance Is Vital to a Business

Cyber Liability insurance pa

Any company can become the victim of a data breach. From an individual’s personal details to the corporate documents required to run a business, there’s no shortage of sensitive information that is at risk of […]

The Hidden Costs of a Cyber Attack

Cyber Security Insurance

Being hacked is every company’s worst nightmare. You can lose thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, if hackers get their hands on your account access information. However, the immediate loss of funds is just one […]

How to Know When Your Financial Data Is Insured

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If you’re a business owner or someone who is highly involved in management, you bear the responsibility of insuring your company against various liabilities. Today, business owners are purchasing both general liability and cyber liability […]

3 Ways to Reduce Your Companys Cyber Risk

Cyber Risk

Virtually every company today faces cyber risk. Hackers can take your customers information with ease, and then you have to allocate resources to dealing with the aftermath. Although a comprehensive insurance policy should be acquired […]

The Importance of Electronic Data Processing

Automatic Data Processing Insurance

Electronic data processing, sometimes referred to as automatic data processing insurance, is becoming a more and more important policy for businesses to have. This coverage protects computers, data storage devices and the data itself. Most […]

Cyber Insurance and the Continuing Threat of Attacks

Cyber Insurance and the Continuing Threat of Attacks

Cyber attacks continue to make the news, but more importantly, they are a growing concern and a growing cost to many companies in the US and abroad. Cyber crimes have caused a rise in the […]

Why Insure Against Cyber Exposures

Why Insure Against Cyber Exposures

Cyber exposure has fast become a major risk for companies big and small. Many business professionals today rely heavily on technology to help manage their company’s operations and infrastructure, as well as to store their […]