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3 Things to Know About Attorneys Professional Liability Insurance

Malpractice is an aspect of practicing law you probably prefer not to consider. However, with the increase in legal malpractice lawsuits over the recent years, you may find yourself in the role of the defendant. Having attorneys professional liability insurance coverage from the day you open your law practice is crucial. Features and Benefits Your

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Lawyers and Malpractice Insurance in Austin

Practicing law is no easy task. Depending on the type of attorney you are, and the type of clients you normally deal with, your job can be very strenuous. Add to this the arduous task of keeping abreast of, and complying with, the rules that govern the administration of a law firm, and you’ll find

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Malpractice Concerns and Attorney Liability Insurance

As a practicing attorney, you know all too well how important it is to secure professional liability insurance (or LPL), as it is a critical element to your practice and your professional reputation. There is much concern about lawyers who do not carry sufficient malpractice coverage. Not having attorney liability insurance will often mean that

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