Benefits of Commercial Auto Insurance

Benefits of Commercial Auto Insurance

Depending on the type of business, having company vehicles is essential to success and meeting customer or client needs. Whether it’s a car for business travel, truck for deliveries or another type of needed transportation, minimizing risk and protecting people and property is essential. Acquiring commercial auto coverage is key to making that happen regardless if it’s a fleet or a single vehicle.

Protection for Peace of Mind

Most policies include the following coverage: liability, bodily injury, collision and comprehensive. For busy business owners, having that coverage provides relief from handing over the keys. That additional coverage means reimbursement for any potential medical expenses associated with an accident, as well as damage to the vehicle. Since there is a good chance there are equipment or tools with the driver, this coverage also provides funds if they are stolen.

Added Perks

While protecting people and property may be the main goal of acquiring this type of coverage, it also provides additional benefits. Unlike personal auto policies, businesses are often able to get higher coverage, which is especially important for businesses with more expensive equipment. Since most premiums are tax-deductible, it means extra savings. Lastly, this coverage offers flexibility, which means you can choose which employee or employees are covered.