3 Tips for Improved Cybersecurity for Family Companies


3 Tips for Improved Cybersecurity for Family Companies

Cybersecurity for high net worth individuals has been on the rise in recent years. The number of large corporations breached has hit the news with fairly regular occurrence. Family-run businesses have been hit as well making these cybersecurity tips a must for these business entities.

Cybersecurity Policy

As seen on https://www.owensgroup.com/, cybersecurity policy is missing in about 40% of family offices making them targets for cybercriminals. Investing in an IT system that focuses on protecting the cyber information of the company is the first step to protecting the business against these threats.

Monitor Devices

As a family company, chances are that many members use their personal computers, tablets, and smartphones to access information on the network. Be sure to monitor each of these devices as part of your cybersecurity policy. Remember not everyone needs to access the information from all their devices.

Password Protection

Many people fail to have good passwords on their accounts. They choose something easy to remember but those also tend to be easy to hack. Put some stringent passwords into place requiring multiple items in each password. Stronger passwords make it more difficult for a hacker to bypass your safeguards.

These tips can increase the cybersecurity for high net worth individuals. Protecting your wealth comes down to better cybersecurity.