The Importance of a Call To Action

Call To Action

A marketing piece without a call to action, or CTA, is similar to having a cupcake without frosting. CTA marketing for insurance helps companies urge consumers to take the next step. However, to have an effective CTA you should be aware of certain aspects that make it strong.

How To Make a Good CTA 

Consumers can read your social media post, blog post, sales letter or email, but if they don’t then interact with your company in some way, the marketing piece wasn’t effective. The whole purpose of a CTA is to convince your audience to interact with you, whether it’s clicking on a link or picking up the phone to call you. As discussed on, here are three tips for a good CTA:

  1. It should be clear and concise
  2. It should be short and straightforward
  3. It should clearly indicate what action you want a consumer to take

Check Your CTA

Using phrases such as “Click here” or “Call us now” are part of a good CTA marketing for insurance companies, or any company in general. When used properly, a CTA can help your business land more clients and boost your sales. So, do you have an effective CTA? If not, take a look at the tips provided above and see if you can tweak yours to make it even better.