Protecting Your Self-Service Laundromat

Every business needs adequate protection when it comes to common issues like potential property damage. However, self-service laundromat insurance needs to be a lot more comprehensive in order to ensure absolute peace of mind. For instance, your business needs to be covered in the event someone slips, falls, or otherwise sustains an injury while at your facility. You need to make sure the equipment you depend on for your livelihood is fully protected as well.

Coverage Designed With Your Business in Mind

No two businesses are exactly alike, so no two insurance policies should be either. As seen on, each policy should be crafted with the unique needs and concerns of that business in mind. Coverage concerns commonly of interest to those who run self-service laundromats include, but aren’t necessarily limited to the following:

Industry-specific equipment (e.g. washers, dryers, or hot water heaters).
Liability insurance that covers customer injury, damage to customers’ property, or injuries sustained by employees while on the job.
Vehicle coverage for vans, trucks, and other service vehicles.
Damage protection related to water backup, flooding, and other industry-specific possibilities.
Coverage for possible interruption of business due to necessary repairs, acts of God, and so forth.

For best results, choose an insurance company that prioritizes timely communication and flawless customer service to the same degree you do. Together you’ll be able to put together the best policy for your business’s needs.