Give Your Event Staying Power

fair insurance

The smell of popcorn and corn dogs, squeals of laughter and an assortment of vendors squawking about the goods in their tent are the familiar sounds of a county fair. Who doesn’t love this age-old American pastime? Getting your event on the calendar and keeping the ticket sales booming takes more than some great food and good entertainment. Carrying the right fair insurance policy looks after the interests of your vendors, your attendees and your bottom line.

Hosting a fair usually happens a few times a year, making it unnecessary to purchase year-round coverage for your event. Agencies able to offer this niche insurance understand timing and flexibility, working with you to ensure coverage is available and active according to the timeline of your event. Some areas of coverage may include the following:

  • Annual Coverage
  • Contractual Liability
  • Broad Athletic Participant Liability
  • Non-Auditable Policy
  • Excess Mechanically Operated Amusement Device Liability
  • Excess Fireworks Liability
  • Catastrophe Management

Comprehensive policies will also address the potential for harm to attendees who were either hired or purchased tickets. Injuries to performers, abuse, assault, battery or molestation incident for all attendees, personal injury due to stage collapse, equipment malfunction or animal encounters are also possible. Food service concerns should also be addressed through your fair insurance policy. Covering all possibilities is the best way to ensure your fair’s overall success.