Ideas to Add to a Template for Your Insurance Website

insurance company website templates

Using insurance company website templates can be highly beneficial for any broker looking to build an efficient, responsive and attractive website. By doing so, they’ll be able to bring in more clients and help visitors understand the intent of the insurance company. The ease of use when designing a website with a template can allow plenty of customization options, allowing for a variety of designs, pages, images and more. Here are some effective and helpful things to consider adding when applying insurance company website templates.

1. An About Page

There are multiple questions that can be answered through an about page about an insurance company, including who is behind the screen, how long you’ve been in business, what differs you from other companies, etc. This gives visitors a better idea about you and your insurance company, as well as humanizes the interaction between client and company.

2. FAQ

Other common questions can be answered on an FAQ page. This saves people time and frustration when they’re unsure about something.

3. Contact Page

For any other questions, make it easy to contact your insurance company by giving a clear link to a page where it’s simple to send a message. Also include other methods of contact, including social media.

4. Advice

Include helpful information that suggests what people can or should do. By being gentle rather than having a forceful call-to-action, this gives people more of a feeling of choice and control. This can also give positive feelings towards your insurance company.