Key Facts To Know About Insuring Your Electrical Business

While electricity has become a part of modern life, someone has to operate, install and work on electricity components whether lines, transformers or the like. Accidents can happen. Protect your electrical business with electrician public liability insurance Torrance.

Coverage Options

Like most businesses, electrical companies and sole electricians benefit from having a commercial auto policy for their trucks and a general liability policy. A typical auto policy does not cover many of the commercial needs of your vehicle. The general liability policy offers property damage and bodily injury coverage in the event of a lawsuit. If you have employees, most states require workers compensation insurance. A business owner’s policy may be necessary for extended coverage of liability.

Risks and Exposures

At the minimum, your business has one truck or van to transport key supplies, materials and personnel to a job site. Theft of specialized equipment and tools is not uncommon and can be expensive to replace. Electrical fires pose a hazard for personal and professional property and can result in bodily injury.

Having electrician public liability insurance Torrance offers protection against financial losses due to a lawsuit. With all the potential risks and liabilities electricians face, talk with an experienced agent to assess the policies and coverages that benefit your company the most.