3 Ways Insurers Can Build Better Customer Relationships

The way businesses are marketing to prospects and customers today is much different than it was even 10 or 15 years ago. Businesses are no longer attracting prospects with snail mail fliers and billboards. They are building stronger customer relationships through content marketing, and within that discipline are myriad marketing ideas for insurance agents to learn from. Here are three:

Optimize Your Website with Content

One of the best ways to get your website found in when prospects search the Internet is to publish content that your prospects and customers want to read. Content that does well in search typically solves a problem for a prospect. Make sure your content honestly answers those questions, with no sales pitch attached, and you should see an increase in overall traffic.

Start a Blog

You need a place to publish that content. A blog is one of the best ways to do so. There are several free blog-publishing sites out there, including Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr. Write regularly so your prospects know a new post is coming and when.

Get Involved in Social Media

Get your content in front of prospects by sharing it via social media. Create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and explore using all four mediums. Which channel works best for you?