Why Hospices Need General Liability Insurance

Home health care and hospice facilities provide a necessary service to those unable to care for themselves. Healthcare professionals put themselves at risk working with other professionals. Protect your business and staff with a hospice general liability program and spend more time caring for your patients.

Coverage Details

A hospice general liability program covers your business from financial losses resulting from claims whether false or true. The time and money spent defending the company can take its toll on you and the business. Protect your hospice or home health care facility from:

  • Advertising and Personal Injury Claims
  • Bodily Injury Claims
  • Medical Expenses Claims
  • Property Damage Claims

Safety Net

Many businesses benefit from having a general liability insurance policy. Hospice and home health care companies work with patients and their families often increasing the business’ liability. These policies act as a safety net for the company protecting them against financial hardship. The policy covers the legal costs of defending your company.

A hospital general liability program does not cover all risks and exposures healthcare professionals face in these businesses. Include the policy as part of a comprehensive package for more complete liability protection. Working with patients comes with many challenges, take some of the weight off your shoulders with an insurance package.