Must-Have Coverages For Manufacturers

As you’re likely well-aware, manufacturing is a high-risk business. In order to thrive in such a risky environment, proper insurance coverage is required. Unfortunately, finding manufacturers insurance in Orlando can be somewhat confusing to new owners because of the terminology and the number of available options. To bring some clarity to the process, here are four must-have coverages that you should plan to include in your new policy.

General Liability Insurance

All businesses need liability insurance. In case a third-party experiences property damage or sustains bodily injuries because of your business activities, your policy will cover any financial obligations from the resulting case including legal and medical fees.

Commercial Property Insurance

Property insurance does just what it says. It provides coverage to your business in case your property is lost or damaged. This coverage includes your buildings, equipment, furniture and even your electronic data. From natural disasters to cyber attacks, your policy can cover the cost to replace or repair your covered items.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your business activities also involve driving a car, then you’re going to need commercial auto insurance. Neither your personal auto insurance nor your property insurance will cover incidents involving your business car.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

The employees working in your factory face the greatest risk. Workers’ compensation ensures that their medical bills and your financial obligations are covered in case of a workplace accident.

Plenty of options exist for manufacturers insurance in Orlando. Work with an insurance agent to get help customizing your policy to fit your exact needs.