Getting the Most out of Your Commercial Property Insurance

Orlando FL commercial property liability insurance

Owning a commercial building whether leasing it or housing your business within comes with inherent risks from damage. Disasters occur and often without warning, protect your investment in your building with Orlando FL commercial property liability insurance. Protecting your risks prevents paying out more money in the event of a covered disaster. The following discusses what to expect from a commercial property insurance policy.

Evaluate the Covered Risks

Protecting the building and the furnishings, fixtures and equipment held within can save the business money in the event of damage caused by a disaster. Rates are adjusted based on the building’s location, value of property contained within, safety, age of building and size. A commercial property liability policy doesn’t cover all causes of damage such as that caused by falling objects or breaking glass, but does usually cover:

  • Smoke
  • Theft
  • Windstorm
  • Fire

Other Things to Consider

In addition to a commercial property policy, businesses should consider additional policies for comprehensive coverage including flood insurance, hurricane insurance or insurance for high-cost equipment. Additional coverage for business interruptions might be worth exploring as well as part of a comprehensive insurance plan. Orlando FL commercial property liability insurance costs have remained stable. Annual policy review can help ensure you protect your property investments for years to come.