Community Association Insurance

When running a business, having the proper coverage plan makes it easier to operate more confidently, with the extra reassurance of knowing unforeseen circumstances will be handled as swiftly as possible. For these non-governmental groups, special protections must be put in place in order to avoid the escalation of financial and litigious issues in the future. For those involved in a community association, insurance from an agency specializing in offering wholesale CAI programs can make all the difference in the type of expertise shared and applied to policies.

Eligible Businesses

When it comes to shopping for community association insurance, the first thing that must be addressed is whether a business qualifies under this category. Some associations that may fall into this category include:

  • Homeowners
  • Master
  • Civic
  • Housing cooperative
  • Condo

Coverage Offered

Specialized insurance has the advantage of being tailored to the specific needs of a type of business. Wholesale CAI Programs offer special coverage that address common exposures in these groups such as:

  • Fraudulent behavior
  • D&O
  • E&O
  • Cyber Threats
  • Crime

Finding the Right Agency

When shopping around for the perfect coverage, opting for an agency dedicated to offering Wholesale CAI Programs provides countless benefits for clients. Get started on the right path by speaking to an agent today.