What Does Yacht Club Liability Cover?

Yacht clubs and marinas have very specific needs when it comes to insurance. The purpose of yacht club liability coverage is to protect the club, its members, directors, volunteers and officers. In the hands of a specialized insurer, yacht club coverage will give you and your club peace of mind.

Risks to Yacht Clubs

As with any club, there are risks involved with running a yacht club. For instance, sailing, racing and boating all come with their share of liability risks. In addition, you have boats owned by members and boats rented or loaned. If anything happens to these vessels, liability coverage protects everyone involved. While physical damage can happen, what happens if it is your boats are damaging the water? Yacht club liability covers a limited amount of pollution cleanup.

Coverages Offered to Yacht Clubs

Interested in Yacht club liability coverage? These are some of the coverages offered:

  • Yacht Club General Liability
  • Liquor liability
  • Physical damage coverage
  • All risk coverage for piers, wharves, docks and other equipment
  • Marina’s legal liability for third party boats
  • Protection and security for boats

Check with your insurer for a fuller list of coverages.

With all of the risks to yacht clubs, you need insurance to feel safe. This will save you money and hardship in the end.