The Top 5 Industries That Require Insurance Coverage in Orlando Florida

As insurance enrollment in Florida remains the highest in the country statewide, it’s no wonder that many business owners are struggling to acquire top-quality insurance that covers all bases. When it comes to having the right liabilities covered for your company, talking to a reputable
Orlando FL insurance agency can mean all the difference.

Which Industries Require the Most Protection in Orlando?
While every type of business can surely benefit from the general liability insurance coverage’s, there are several types of insurance policies which have been refined for more demanding industries.

1. Tourism: Since Florida is one of the top states for cruise lines, marine and boating insurance plans also account for a large portion of the required policies for this industry.

2. Agriculture: A trusted Orlando FL insurance agency has several options for farmers including crop insurance, farm and ranch insurance and livestock insurance.

3. Trade and Transportation: Some of the many insurance packages that can benefit workers in the trade industry include export credit, marine, political risk, international product and currency conversion.

4. Finance: There are several types of insurance for almost any finance operations risks including professional indemnity, fidelity and crime and identity theft expense reimbursement.

5. Construction: A few of the insurance policies that are offered to construction operators include workers’ compensation, commercial automotive, surety bonds and asset protection.