The Importance of Hospice Care Liability Insurance

A hospice can be held liable for things that occur during service delivery. Because of the unique services that hospices can provide, specialized insurance programs for hospices may be needed to cover liabilities for these organizations.

Hospice Liabilities

A hospice can be held liable for certain damages, injuries or loss. If a patient is injured by a hospice staff member in the home or in a facility the hospice can be held liable. Likewise, if a hospice employee or volunteer damages the property of a patient, or is injured while performing hospice duties, the hospice can be held liable.

The hospice team can involve individuals from a variety of disciplines performing specialized services for the patient and his family. Specialized hospice insurance programs can cover all these individuals as they interact with the patient and family.

Types/Benefits of Coverage

Insurance programs for hospices can be customized to meet the needs of the organization based on the level of risk that it faces. For example, an organization that owns a fleet of cars that may be driven by hospice staff may need to have automobile liability coverage to cover the vehicles, passengers and drivers. Organizations that provide home-based services may be at a higher risk for claims of employee theft and may choose to add crime insurance to cover any liability claims.