How Insurance Protects Your Laundry Business

Owners of laundromats understand the importance of providing a safe and secure location for their customers in need of their services. If hazards are not addressed quickly, the situation can seriously impact your profits. People want to do their laundry at a site where they feel safe bringing their children along with them.

Properly maintaining your facility not only protects your investment, it also keeps customers and employees happy, thus making certain that your operations will continue to thrive. You will need laundry insurance to address many of the risks and exposures you’ll face on a daily basis.

There are many concerns for this type of enterprise

A top priority for any business owner should be to keep safety in mind at all times. This means everything from the flooring materials being used, to installing proper and adequate lighting. You must install a sprinkler system in the event a fire breaks out and all floor drains should be well placed to avoid puddles forming.

Dryer fires constitute perhaps the most devastating event occurring at laundromats. Due to the result of a dryer fire, many facilities have been completely lost or seriously damaged. Keep good maintenance habits, servicing all machines on a scheduled basis, as this is the best way to prevent this problem from happening.

Your schedule should include having employees cleaning lint screens daily, preventing lint from accumulating inside the dryer cabinet. They should also clean out dryer ducts on a regular basis. Dryer fires might be due to improper installation, with fires also being the result of garments that contain grease stains and other flammable liquids or toxins.

Thieves will target coin changers

Hiring overnight security guards may be the solution to overnight break-ins, the time when coin changers are broken into in order to steal the money collected during that day’s business. This is the type of property damage that adds up, which can include other items being damaged or destroyed within the building. Installing alarms and security cameras might also be a good deterrent to criminal activity.

Your attendants are perhaps the best means of protecting the laundromat and your clients. The attendants should be well trained in the use fire extinguishers, shutting off machines and utilities in the event of an emergency, and contacting emergency services when required. As the business owner, having laundry insurance coverage will aid you at times when issues develop.