Insuring Your Entertainment Facility

The average insurance policy is ill-equipped to cover the diversity of hazards presented by a entertainment facility. Working with a company specializing in music venue insurance can provide more comprehensive coverage for the specific risks associated with your facility.

What Coverage is Needed?

A music venue is host to a number of activities all replete with hazards and risks. General liability coverage can’t adequately address potential concerns with:

  • Liquor liability
  • Medical expenses
  • Personal and advertising injury
  • Assault and battery
  • Fire Damage
  • Auto liability
  • Rented and owned equipment
  • Event cancellation
  • Volunteer accident and medical

What Should a Company Offer?

An insurance provider equipped to provide the best coverage will ensure their clients receive the following:

  1. Unique policies specific to clients needs.
  2. In-house underwriting expertise
  3. Industry risk assessment
  4. Accessibility with convenient contact hours or methods
  5. Legal experience with industry-specific liabilities

How Much Should it Cost?

The differing needs between facilities and services provided affect the cost of an insurance premium. Increased risk situations as well as higher limits are also associated with the cost of coverage. A quality provider will be able to offer cost-effective but comprehensive coverage your specific venue.

Music venue insurance can protect a business owner from financial difficulties in the event of a catastrophe or hazardous situations. Proactively addressing potential risks with an experienced provider is the best way to protect your business.