Unique Insurance Needs for Dry Cleaning Services

Dry cleaning services handle a variety of often delicate and expensive articles of clothing. Furthermore, the process of dry cleaning involves machines, chemicals and other dangerous factors. Putting these things together creates numerous risks that are often unique to these types of businesses, meaning general insurance usually won’t cover them. This is why there are specific policies for dry cleaning insurance, protecting these services specifically due to their particular liabilities.

Damaged Items and Goods

When handling customer goods, there is always the risk of something being damaged or lost. Of course, the customer will need to be reimbursed for this, so dry cleaning insurances often include policies to cover these types of problems. Reasons items may need to be covered include:

  • Handling of strong and staining chemicals
  • Machines breaking down
  • Clothing or auto damage from transporting accident
  • Clothing being lost inexplicably or stolen
  • Fires from laundering risks damaging or destroying clothing and other items


Handling equipment and chemicals for dry cleaning can often result in user error or accidents that cause injuries. These possible incidents are not present in every type of business. These include:

  • Slipping on wet floors
  • Tripping over tilted floors for draining
  • Chemical burns
  • Equipment misuse causing injury

Due to all of these specific problems that can happen within a dry cleaning service, dedicated dry cleaning insurance coverage is created to defend against these distinct issues. Getting an insurance that’s focused on the needs of a business can ensure the best protection required.”