Protecting Your Movers with Workers’ Comp

As a furniture dealer, you depend on many people to make your business run smoothly. Those who are tasked with moving furniture from one location to another are particularly at risk for on-the-job injuries. Safety training can help, but accidents are still likely to happen occasionally. When they do, having a solid worker’s compensation policy as part of the furniture dealers insurance you carry can help relieve the costs associated with those accidents.

First, workers’ comp can cover medical bills to keep employees from having to find the money to pay for necessary treatment. It may cover not only doctors’ visits but also extended care options such as physical therapy. Your policy covers lost wages for the time when your workers are out of commission due to an injury sustained while on the job. Certain workers’ compensation insurance also may cover temporary or long-term disability if the injury is serious enough that returning to work is not possible for an extended period of time.

When you talk to your agent about furniture dealers insurance, be sure to discuss the options that are available for workers’ compensation. When workers get injured, it can take the financial pressure off a stressful situation. Taking care of the workers who take care of your business is an important part of running your furniture dealership.