Preparing Your Family for a Windstorm

September of 2017 was the most active tropical storm month in recorded history. In fact, the record was broken for the strongest hurricane ever, Hurricane Irma, occurring in the Atlantic basin. Those record storms were devastating to the people living all over the Caribbean and Florida, with damages in the billions. Many homeowners were left having to rebuild, often losing irreplaceable items.

With windstorm insurance in Florida many will have help dealing with the aftermath of such storms, by being provided with coverage needed to recover from any devastating losses. A policy will also pay for temporary housing for insureds forced to vacate their homes. As a property owner, it’s important to monitor weather conditions in order for you and your family to be prepared in the event of a major windstorm.

Storms often occur with little warning

If you live in an area where extremely high winds occur, you need to be prepared well ahead of any impending hurricane or tropical storm. Install permanent hurricane shutters that will provide you with better protection from high winds. Proper preparation can help reduce the odds of serious damage to your dwelling. While not every area is at equal risk of hurricane or windstorm damage, those who are new to the area should find out if the area where you reside is prone to these types of natural disasters.

The local emergency management office or local chapter of the American Red Cross often provides residents with information about shelters and evacuation orders, including the safest evacuation routes, and just what conditions constitute recommended evacuation in your area. Additionally, you can help protect your property by keeping trees and outlying shrubbery well trimmed. There’s a danger that trees could become projectiles during a storm, so remove any branches that could pose a danger during high wind conditions.

When dangerous weather strikes you can help to reduce the likelihood that your home or property could be badly damaged by purchasing a policy specifically for wind insurance in Florida because it is always your best bet.


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